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Turn-Key Sales Teams

We already have sales teams in place and can introduce your products, services, and capabilities. Ardent will also represent its clients providing necessary coverage when and where needed.


Rep Team Development

We can use our network to build a sales team from the ground up.


Product Sales Network

With experience in bringing products to market we can develop the sales network to bring your products, services, and capabilities to your target customers.


Results Monitoring

Our live dashboard will keep your team updated 24/7. You can see the status of your network at all times.


Existing Relationships

Our reps have existing relationships with your target customers. No more cold calling your client base, our reps already have both feet in the door. We are not just in there; we are really in there!

Ardent’s Services

We Build Sales Networks for Manufacturers

Ardent provides a sales service where we build sales networks for manufacturers.
We do this by utilizing our database and relationships with independent sales reps and distributors in North America. We have the largest independent rep group and manufacturers representative database in North America. We help manufacturers stop wasting time trying to match their products to the right manufacturers reps. This process can waste literally years of time that could have been used in making new sales and growing revenues.

If you have run into this situation of trying to find sales representatives, kindly call Ardent. We have the reps for you, so you don’t have to perform the exhaustive sales network development process of locating, identifying, interviewing, negotiating, onboarding, and managing your sales network. Building a sales network is a specialty art. Many have tried and failed and after a year or two, just gave up, and after months of lost time, came to Ardent. One call to Ardent automatically fulfills your entire manufacturers sales rep force in your targeted geography and target accounts.

A well thought out sales network development strategy includes a focus on the type of profitable customers that fit your capabilities. Manufacturers’ Representatives have developed a deep knowledge of their territories and customers within the industries they cover. Most of our representatives have decades of experience building relationships with the engineers, purchasing agents, and distributors that ultimately make the decision to buy your product or service. The best kind of representation is a sales agent that owns their customer’s relationships and sells multiple products or services into them. If the relationship legwork has been done properly by the manufacturers agent, it will speed up the sales process. Ardent can help you find the best representation that will help you develop the right customer relationships faster than you could on your own.

Ardent is your best choice if you’re looking to build a network for manufacturers representatives, factory representatives, or independent sales agents. Ardent can help simplify the process of developing your sales network in one phone call. If you are looking to find a manufacturers rep or an independent sales representative firm or any of the following, Ardent can help:

  • Manufacturing representative
  • Manufacturer agent
  • International manufacturers representative
  • Sales network representatives
  • Distributor sales representative
  • Sales consultant
  • Factory representative
  • Retail merchandising representative
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We Turn Decades
Into Days

We will help build your sales team. Let us find you the right sales representatives & distributors to increase sales and grow your company’s revenue.

Please submit your information and one of our experts will reach out to you, and explain how Ardent is the expert in connecting manufacturers with the right manufacturers representatives and distributors for your business, products, services, and capabilities.

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