ARDENT is an sales management company specializing in building, supporting and managing indirect sales channels for manufacturers. We develop nationwide sales networks utilizing the sales channels that currently work with us and/or new sales channels we add to our team to fit your needs.

Ensuring that you have the right sales representation that create the right opportunities for you is our business. 

ARDENT evaluates how your taking your product to market and ensures that you are communicating this correctly to our sales development team.  Our sales strategy integrates product understanding, product value and your sales objectives with the network of sales channels we develop for your company.

We work with you and your team to develop the right mix of communication that keeps our Reps and Distributors working hard for you in the field. ARDENT monitors the amount of opportunities generated per month and make the necessary adjustments in the field to get the right results from all sales channels.

ARDENT offers you an experienced sales management team with existing contacts to provide you a quicker start or expansion of a US sales force that allows you to, increase business and, expand more rapidly into new markets.

Our sales management outsourcing program is a cost-effective way to penetrate new markets while keeping control of your sales objectives. We offer you the ability to quickly put together a US sales force that allows you to expand your market reach rapidly.

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