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We will help build your sales team. Let us find you the right sales representatives & distributors to increase sales and grow your company’s revenue.

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About Ardent

We have the right manufacturers reps to grow your business.

The Ardent team has spent many years perfecting the right sales network building process for manufacturers and retail clients. Our connections and system have proven successful at the highest levels. From custom manufactured products to off the shelf items, our system can work for any product or service.

Proven and repeatable process of matching your company with the right manufacturers reps and distributors

Our team of sales experts will work with your company to find the specific sales representation and/or distributors you need

Our personalized, one-on-one process allows us to build the sales team you need to create new opportunities that increase sales and grow your company's revenue

We are able to do this because we have one of the largest rep databases in North America. We work with manufacturers’ representatives and distributors in every industry across the US, Canada, and Mexico

Active Reporting: After implementation we create a custom dashboard that you can use that shows your sales network

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We find our relationships are always win-win. We have teams, connections, and resources.

When we pair our resources with manufacturers, everyone wins.