Building Bridges Across the Atlantic: Ardent is now a member of the British American Business Council (BABC)

Continuing our unwavering pursuit of strategic partnerships, Ardent is proud to announce its membership with the British American Business Council (BABC). 

This alliance is a natural progression in Ardent’s journey, reflecting our commitment to excellence in sales network building for manufacturers globally. 

Strategic partnerships and networks are indispensable for businesses looking to broaden their horizons. Our affiliation with BABC marks a significant milestone, underscoring the extensive efforts and success we’ve achieved in perfecting the sales network-building process for manufacturers around the world.

Strategic Partnership with the BABC

As part of the Triangle British American Business Council, Ardent taps into a wealth of strategic introductions, leadership, and networking opportunities that span the dynamic NC-UK trade and investment landscape. 

The BABC serves as a conduit for growth, offering members like Ardent a competitive edge in the transatlantic business arena. This affiliation not only facilitates access to influential policy and business leaders but also aligns with Ardent’s mission to foster robust business connections across industries.

Ardent will Participate in the North Carolina Trade Mission

The upcoming North Carolina Outward In Person Trade Mission marks another exciting chapter for Ardent. Led by the Scottish North American Business Council, this mission aims to forge new international trade pathways. From April 7th to 11th, 2024, Ardent will join forces with businesses from Scotland and North Carolina, exploring expansion opportunities and connecting with potential partners.

The mission includes market briefings, networking events, and tailored business meetings, promising a fertile ground for establishing and deepening transatlantic trade relations.

Ardent’s participation in the Triangle BABC and the North Carolina trade mission underscores its commitment to building international sales networks that drive growth and innovation. By leveraging these platforms, Ardent not only expands its global footprint even further but also contributes to the flourishing NC-UK business ecosystem. 

The synergy between Ardent’s sales network expertise and the strategic resources offered by the BABC and trade mission participants heralds a future of limitless possibilities for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.